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Trent Tucker
Aug 28, 2023
 by Trent Tucker
Blast From The Past

New about this place through a friend years ago. Went with him once, but didn't get my hair cut. Just hung out and drank wine. Lol!!! Anywho, moved back home, NE of Dallas back in 2018. Today, I needed a professional cut/style, and was surprised to see Mark was still up and running and gave him a call. Told me he would have someone call me back in 5 min. Less than 5 min, I got a call from Preston, and set an appointment for 4pm. I showed up early in the parking lot (Cause I got there real early, living 60 miles away). Got a text 15 min later from Preston saying, "Hey Mister, It's Preston. I don't know what your day is like, but I'll be ready at 330. No pressure if 4 works better. Just throwing out the option for you". I replied, "Cool. I've been sitting in that truck, in your driveway sir!!! LMFAO!!!!" We hit it off great!!! I had shaved the sides of my head, about a month ago, and had decided to let it go. He listened to what I wanted, I showed him a couple photos, and he did exactly what I asked. He also did some of his own tricks, and found some clean ups that were missed in the side shavings. LOL!!!!! It was great being back in that area, and meeting a new stylist. Preston is the sh#t. He listens, he knows his craft, and he's a cool CatDaddy. I called this morning at 1030, ON A FRIDAY, and not only was able to get in, but got exactly what I was asking for. Perfect day!!!!! Thank you Mark, for introducing Preston to me, I'll be coming back to Select Salon, again.

Peace. OneLove In Christ. Music Is Universal.


Mar 1, 2021
 by Lady

Christin Cobb is a really sweet hair dresser , a Christian Type.

Sheila Newton
Jun 18, 2018
 by Sheila Newton

I was in town for a big event, this salon was recommended to me by several people. Linda did an amazing up-do for me and Heather did a perfect job with my make-up. I couldn't have been more pleased. I would seriously consider visiting Dallas every time I need my hair done! Thank you so much for being so accommodating!

Dorie Rill
Jan 26, 2017
 by Dorie Rill

******* is an awesome stylist she always gives me a great cut . She's sweet, professional, has a beautiful heart and cares that her clients are happy after their visit . ******* has been my stylist for 10 yrs now every time I leave my hair feels healthy , has volume and is the perfect cut . Thank you ******* for genuinely caring.

Alisha E.
Dec 11, 2015
 by Alisha E.

******* has made me fall in love with my hair again!! He does my extensions, cut and color. I've been going to him for close to a year now and I'm never disappointed. He's professional, punctual, stylish, and just a joy to be around. He's extremely knowledgable with color and Kerastase products. I can't wait for my next appointment with him!

Belinda C.
Sep 25, 2015
 by Belinda C.

I'm so glad to have found ******* to do my highlights after looking around Dallas for a few years. She is a true artist!! As good as it gets my friends!

Lois W.
Aug 20, 2015
 by Lois W.

******* was wonderful!!! Gave me a great new look. She is very experienced with super fine hair. I actually have volume!

Stephanie C.
Mar 15, 2015
 by Stephanie C.

Love this salon! ***** is amazing!!!!

Erin F.
Jan 5, 2015
 by Erin F.

I love this place.  fun decor and ******* (Style by ***) always does a great job.  She is stylish and skilled and really goes the extra mile.  I am glad I found it.

Elisa A.
Nov 1, 2014
 by Elisa A.

I've been coming to Style by *** for many years. She is, hands down, the best hair colorist and stylist in the Dallas area. The salon is in a great location. Making appointments is always a snap. Go see ******** if you're looking for an outstanding, edgy, professional hair stylist.

Donna Blue H.
Oct 1, 2014
 by Donna Blue H.

After a year I'm still in love with my new hair style and color. We added purple earlier this summer and it was so fun! ******** is a true color a and hair artist. Lee often assists ******** and the two of them are a dynamic duo! They are super friendly, funny, and crazy (in a good way).

Michelle B.
Aug 10, 2014
 by Michelle B.

Love this salon: fun decor, great stylists (I've only been to see *****, but he does a fantastic job) and reasonable prices.

They do a great job of working around my crazy schedule. Brian is very flexible and will work with me and figure out a way to fit me in when I need to. I always leave there feeling fantastic.

Merel H.
Jun 2, 2014
 by Merel H.

I just moved to the US and wanted to get highlights in my naturally (dull) blonde hair. I found this salon through the good reviews here on yelp. The salon is a big house with multiple rooms where different stylists rent a chair. The interior is one of the coolest I have ever seen for a hair salon! Each room is different and the atmosphere is circus/pin-up eclectic. ******* ********* waited for me outside a gave me a very warm welcome with a tour. She really took the time for me, even if it was friday evening! I got the most beautiful natural looking highlights, exactly like I wanted. ******* is fun as a stylist and she talks a lot, which is in here case a good thing:). She really listens to you and is really good at what she does. She even gave a tutorial in how to curl my hair with a curling iron and some make-up advice! Highly recommended and good value!!

Cassie J.
Jun 1, 2014
 by Cassie J.

******** **** has been cutting and coloring my hair for over 10 years! I would even fly back from college to get my hair done. Now that I'm in my thirties, she continues to impress! My natural hair color is strawberry blonde and ******* does a perfect super blonde highlight while still allowing my natural color to come through. It thinkens the appearance and texture of my hair, adds depth, and I love being super blonde for the summer. Also, the long layered cut grows out awesome. Not bragging, but I get compliments weekly - I carry around her cards with me. 🙂
Plus all that, ******** is very attentive, she remembers everything, and is a total rock star! Definitely someone you want to know and spend time with. Check out her fb page for make-over before and afters.

AND... I can't leave out **** ****! She is the eye specialist! Before going to **** , I couldn't leave the house without gobbing on mascara and using eye brow pencil since I have blonde lashes and brows. Two weeks ago, I had **** dye my eyebrows light brown. They turned out great! She also suggested I dye my eyelashes as they are long and full, just naturally blonde, so dying them is really all I needed to make them pop (no need for extensions)!

I haven't had to wear mascara or eye brow pencil since (two weeks ago, should last 4 more weeks) - I'm a believer! I don't have to be worried about running eye make up at the pool, or looking weird when eye make up isn't an option, and it saves a ton of time both putting on and removing eye makeup.  Any natural blonde or ginger needs to do this!!! It really is life changing.

Mitchell J.
May 29, 2014
 by Mitchell J.

*** cut my hair and did a great job! He is very professional and helped me change my style to something that worked better for my hair type! Very precise and doesn't miss a detail!
I loved the salon, very welcoming! It was in an old home and had a very eclectic atmosphere! Reasonable prices and great conversation to boot!

Cassie M.
Apr 21, 2014
 by Cassie M.

Ok. I want to love this salon but the truth is I felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere when I went in for my haircut and was not greeted or acknowledged by the stylist for whatever reason. I would have liked a beverage, especially because it was offered to me by the stylist and after replying yes, he strangely shrugged it off. It was awkwardly unclear. Outside of that, the service was impeccable, and that counts for all 4 lovely stars. Regardless, my stylist undoubtedly knows hair. I love the cut and the effort he put in the style technique. All in all I would go back and would recommend the salon to my friends and family.

Elisa A.
Jan 1, 2014
 by Elisa A.

I've been coming to Style by **** for many years. She is, hands down, the best hair colorist and stylist in the Dallas area. The salon is in a great location. Making appointments is always a snap. Go see **** if you're looking for an outstanding, edgy, professional hair stylist.

Heather W.
Oct 24, 2013
 by Heather W.

The only thing more spectacular than this salon... is my stylist! ****** does AH-mazing work with my curls. I'm able to let my hair air-dry naturally and it looks incredible... ONLY because ****** works magic. Trust me. My hair is not naturally awesome, it's just naturally curly... ****** brings the awesome. The salon is whimsical and fun. Go! Get your hair did.

P.S. Relax in the beautiful garden while you're there!

Norm B.
Oct 23, 2013
 by Norm B.

****** is amazing. I've been taking my kids to her since their first hair cut and my oldest is 11 now. Very patient and listens to what the kids have to say.

Plus, the house is always a treat for my brood when we are done.

By the way, T is do for a thinning. What do you have available soon?

Allison A.
Oct 23, 2013
 by Allison A.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about ****** at Select Salon. My husband and I followed her from another salon and have known her for 8 yrs. She's a fabulously talented stylist-- up-to-date on trends and very communicative to make sure the client is ultimately happy. Both her talent and positive attitude make her a rare gem in Dallas!!

Mary B.
Oct 23, 2013
 by Mary B.

****** is the best! She consistently amazes me with her creativity and skill! Never in my life have I been able to say, do whatever you please to my hair to a stylist and it come out ok. But with ****** it is more than ok, it is AWESOME!!! Pic of my latest cut and color by ******:…

Christine M.
Sep 5, 2013
 by Christine M.

If you are on business in Dallas - and suddenly need a haircut - or you need to find a new stylist, I can highly recommend *** at Select Salon -

She has real FLAIR, but cuts just as you want it -   Select Salon is in a uniquely unusual place - a zany house with fun and baroque style decor.  It's a place to relax in, and really enjoy an oasis of peace in style as you get your hair cut and styled .

Very easy parking and Just a great environment - Give Select Salon a try - I've  been coming back again and again because I' m highly satisfied.

Donna Blue H.
Sep 3, 2013
 by Donna Blue H.

Five stars for ******** **** at Select Salon!  My transformation is nothing short of stunning.  I came in with a vision that, in retrospect, would have been tacky and hard to maintain.  She took my vision and made it a work of art. I couldn't be happier.  So glad I found the rockinest hair stylist in Dallas.  Also, Coolest. Salon. Ever!  (but don't park under the trees, those Ents don't like it and will bomb your car.)

Marissa N.
Aug 30, 2013
 by Marissa N.

******** is the BEST!  She went out of her way on a SUNDAY to come in and fix a Groupon murder of my hair that occurred the day prior.  I have very light natural blonde hair -- used a Groupon for a cut and partial highlight -- ended up walking out of a well-known local salon with hair three shades darker.  Devastated. Ruined natural blonde hair.  Unbelievable.  Called ********, in tears, and she rushed into the salon to work her magic.... and magic it was.  Left 2 hours later with my hair back and my sanity in check.  Thank GOD for this woman. Do NOT hesitate to book her, she's not only a great stylist, but a great person as well.

Linda B.
Jul 16, 2013
 by Linda B.

Love this new for me salon in my neighborhood!!  I chose ******* ******* for her great reviews so here I am to give her another one!  She is fun, warm and professional and her space is awesome with everything she needs to get your hair beautiful and glamorous right at her fingertips!  I am thrilled to have found her for the very obvious reason that my hair looks FanTaStic!! If you are looking for someone new or just a change, ******* will not disappoint !  I call her the total package for all I have written above.  Who doest want to have a great time getting gorgeous!? I did not bring a picture but you wont need one with *******, she will get what you want! And her blowouts are equally fab! Also a bonus, plenty of free parking at the salon

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